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Marketing Services

Too often our church marketing efforts turn into some variation of, “Join us on Sunday as Pastor John preaches a powerful message.” Most fail to explain what is powerful about that message and how someone might expect to be impacted by it if they choose to attend.

We’ll help your community understand how your ministries will impact and improve their lives. When people truly understand the positive impact your ministries will have on their lives they will be motivated to participate.

Made for Believers by Believers.

There are many ways to reach your marketing goals. Whether you want to reach Millennials, engage existing Members, or pique the interest of Seekers and Returners, we will develop a solution that is as unique as the need. Made for Believers by Believers.

Our Services

  • Digital Marketing

  • Event Marketing

  • Landing Pages

  • Social Media Advertising

  • Social Media Account Set-up  

  • Social Media  Management

Plans start at 498/mo.

U.S Based

The help you need is right at home. All of our assistants work within the USA.

College Educated

We ensure that you receive the best assistance. All of our assistants are college educated and professional.