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Darwin Realty Group was founded in 2020 by a group of dedicated brokers and has expanded to a full-service brokerage. They are home to a team of reliable and accomplished brokers, distinguished property managers, and incredible support staff. They are constantly challenging the market through the use of innovative technology, strategic marketing tactics, and exceptional customer service.

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Anti-Bullying Campaign


The Situation: 

Bullying is a serious problem that affects the majority of children in some way. Children who are bullied experience poor social connectedness through the loss of friendships, feelings of isolation and powerlessness. This campaign was created to spread awareness about bullying and attract the attention of potential donors who could contribute to the cause.

The Solution:

The marketing campaign consisted of advertisements designed to raise awareness of the long term, potentially debilitating consequences for a child who is bullied or who bullies others.

Through daily social media efforts, we promoted positive parenting strategies focusing on the positive parenting skill of actively listening to children.


The Success:

There was a decrease in bullying in afterschool programs in the community and we were able to get the attention of potential donors and raise the funds needed to provide necessities to kids in need.

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dREAM Center Church Of Atlanta

ReFUEL Project

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The Situation: 

The ministry wanted to rebrand their Tuesday night service. Attendance was declining and they were unsure why. They wanted to create something that was more geared toward family and community.

The Solution:

After looking into data collected from previous events, we concluded that due to unclear messaging, many people did not know what the service was about.

We decided who their target market was. During our market research into family and issues that plague their target market, we created the ReFUEL Campaign as a way to


  • Combat community hunger

  • Ensure the community has access to additional educational resources

  • Help the community lead a healthier lifestyle

  • Educate the community on how to manage their finances

The Success:

In conjunction with the design team, we were able to make the message clearer and cleaner. Attendance at the weekly Tuesday night service increased by 50%. Their online post reached 35% more people and the engagement rate increased by 45%. The funds invested to supply food yielded a ROI of 80 souls saved within the first month. And tithing increased significantly.

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What can my Virtual Assistant do?

There are endless possibilities for that situation. Your VA could do tasks almost similar to a regular employee and reduce your work of dealing with mundane tasks.
For more information, view our services.

Are there any additional fees?

There are no additional fees. You only pay monthly for the plan you choose.

Who needs a Virtual Assistant?

Our VAs work with successful people of all kinds who are looking for help with administrative work and operations. Authors, speakers, financial pros, realtors and brokers, solopreneurs, sales people, consultants, coaches, executives, professionals, entrepreneurs—anyone, really, who wants to live a more balanced life with more free time to do the things he/she wants to do, and has administrative and operations work to delegate!

What services do I need from a Virtual Assistant?

You may need a little or a lot. That depends on what you need to get off your plate. The smart way to figure that out is to keep a list of everything you do that you didn’t need to do personally. That's what you should delegate to a VA. 


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