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Administrative Support

Administration is not an afterthought, it’s essential. We can help. It’s as easy as making a list of the administrative tasks you do each day and handing them over to your new VA. ​

  • Administrative support for Senior Pastor and team

  • Assistance with orders and organizational services

  • Data entry and membership management

  • Service outline preparation


Design Management


Your ministry is always communicating something, whether you’re trying to or not.


Ministries are actively sending certain messages without even realizing it. For example, a website that is disorganized, hard to navigate, or graphics that are poorly-designed is communicating something about ministry values, or what the church brand stands for.


A clearly organized, well-thought-out navigation coupled with solid content and good design communicates that you set a high priority on order, quality, and the seriousness of ministry. 

  • Church newsletter design

  • Form creation and revisions

  • Content creation & repurposing for Senior Pastor

Relationship Building and Online Support

Did you know the question “how to pray” is searched on Google 

on average 18.1k a month?​

Did you know One of the top 5 searches on Sunday morning is, “churches near me.”

Today a large number of people’s faith journeys will include an online component. Don't get left behind. We can help.

  • Creating and implementing strategies to stay connected with church members online

  • Fostering new relationships with online visitors

  • Social media management and support 

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